1994 yılında kurulan ve emin adımlarla yavaş yavaş büyüyen Cihangir Tekstil olarak, yatırımlarımız hızla devam etmektedir. Boya Apre sektöründe entegre üretim sistemi ile hedeflediğimiz üretim kalitesine ulaşan şirketimiz birçok yeniliği bünyesine dahil etti.

Kurtuluş Mah. Vezirli Cad. 10 Gürsu/BURSA 0224 371 51 92 info@cihangirtekstil.com.tr
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About us

About us

Cihangir Textile is a family company which operates in the areas of fabric dyeing, finishing and printing in textile industry. It combines its’ 40 years of knowledge and experience with the policy of high quality and excellent customer satisfaction. Since 1994, the company follows the highest technology and developments with the aim of sustainable growth and improves its machinery park constantly in order to be one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey.

With the indoor space of 7.000 m2, the facility has 2 million capacity of dyed fabric and 1 million capacity of printed fabric. The processes are applied on cotton, polyester, viscose and the combination of these fabric materials.

From its establisment, the company is serving the prominent brands and manufacturers domestically and internationally. We aim to become one of the industry's most known establishments.


Cihangir Textile was founded in 1994 by Ferzan Cihangir who was graduated from Msc Textile Engineering.

The company added pigment printing to its working field in 2018.

Company Goals

• Our most fundamental principle is to serve our customers in a short time by building an open and transparent relationship.
• Shipping on time and maintaining customer satisfaction at the maximum level.
• Following constantly evolving technology and integrating it with information technologies on the purpose of being modern, comtemporary and coherent company.
• Keeping the motivation at the highest degree with dedicated and hardworking working team.

Our Mission

• Commitment to business ethics, and high sense of responsibility
• Reliability
• Appropriate production, considering the importance of human health and the environment

With its expertise and experience in the textile field, Cihangir Textile pays attention to health of employees and societies and takes action accroding to that with high social awareness.

Our Vision

Within the vision of social and environmental sustainability, we renew and update ourselves constantly. Our value judgment in Cihangir Textile is being honest, transparent, trustworthy and innovative. By prioritising R&D and sustainable technology in all processes of the facility, we aim to become the best strategic partner of the world’s largest retailers and fashion houses in domestic and overseas markets.

Family Company

Cihangir Textile is a family company which was established in 1994.


The facility is making production with the policy of high quality and international standards.


We are integrating technology with our departments and making intense risk analyses and lab tests.

Environmental Awareness

Within the vision of social and environmental sustainability, we renew and update ourselves constantly.


Top-quality fabrics are produced by Cihangir Textile under global standards using high-quality dyes and chemicals.

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